Newspaper bundleThere are many supplies and tools that help make a newspaper carrier’s job easier and safer.  Some of these are essential, and a carrier needs to acquire them when they first start the job.  Others will make the job safer and more efficient.  These can be added as the carrier continues working their newspaper delivery job.

Listed below you will find some helpful items we recommend.  Many of the links provided will direct you to products offered by our affiliate partners.

At the distribution center

A carrier’s day normally starts by arriving at the distribution center and separating the newspaper section bundles that were transported from the printing center.  The different newspaper sections (typically front/local, sports, coupons, special inserts) will be combined to make individual newspaper editions, and then packaged into a newspaper sleeve (also called a poly bag).  Here are some common tools and supplies used during this phase of the job.

  • Bundle cutter (twine knife) or a small pair of scissors
  • Poly bags
  • Plastic tote bins (3 to 4 count) to carry the newspapers.  The Rubbermaid Roughneck 14 gallon (like this) works great to fit 2 rows of daily papers in poly bags.
  • Large canvas delivery bags for a bike or walking route
  • Rubber bands
  • Your custom route book
  • Pen or sharpie marker
  • Colored highlighter marker (for noting changes to the route book)
  • Vacation packs (often provided by the newspaper’s distribution center)
  • Sticky notes (for free samples, subscription expiration)

Tools for a vehicle route

After the newspapers are bundled and loaded into the vehicle, there are additional tools that can help the newspaper carrier on their driving route.

Bicycle and walking routes

If newspapers are being delivered using a bike or walking route, there some items different from driving routes that will help.