Welcome to our comprehensive list of products and information on newspaper delivery.  The goal is to bring together various online resources on newspaper delivery bags, supplies, and carrier tools to help provide effective and safe newspaper delivery.  We also provide ideas on the use and recycling of newspaper bags, to help reduce the environmental impact of these products.

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Poly Newspaper Bags

newspaper in poly bagThese types of bags are normally made from polyethylene or polypropylene, which are a type of plastic material manufactured to a very small thickness.  They are commonly used to protect daily and Sunday newspapers from rain, snow and dirt.  “Poly bag” is a common abbreviated name for these bags.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors, the most common size of 7” x 21” works great for a daily route.  Sunday papers are normally larger due to more content, advertisements, and coupon inserts.  A 10” x 21” bag size works really well for Sunday papers.

Some manufacturers offer the ability to imprint custom logos or advertisements on the bags.  This gives you another way to directly reach the customers of your business or organization.

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Canvas Carrier Bags

These are made from a durable canvas material, and are great for walking and bicycle routes.  They come in single or double pouch, depending on your needs.  Canvas bags are designed to sling comfortably over the shoulder, allowing the carrier to transport a large number of newspapers before needing to restock the bag.

Newspaper Delivery Supplies

Carriers need a few essential supplies for their routes, and there are others that will make the job safer and more efficient.  Items will vary slightly depending on whether you have a vehicle, bike, or walking route.

There are some that are needed when packing up the papers at the distribution center.  These can include a knife/twine cutter, poly bags, rubber bands, and something to store the papers – such as plastic tote bins.

For a driving route, and depending on your municipality, you may need items such as magnetic car signs, amber caution lights, flashlight, and other items that you would normally carry in case of a vehicle emergency.

For a bike or walking route, a canvas carrier bag, bike storage basket, or pull behind wagon would be essential.  You may also need a safety vest, flashlight, or more.

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Recycle NewspapersIf you’re reading this article, chances are you want an alternative to throwing newspapers in with regular trash.  Maybe you simply want to help reduce impact on the environment.  Maybe you’re looking for some ways to reuse them, or turn them into art or crafts.

Maybe you will find new uses you never considered before, like making burnable fire logs or turning newspapers into insulation.  Or maybe you are looking for ways to turn old newspapers into a little extra income.  There are many alternative uses, and we’re going to show you some options that are easy to implement.

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The term “poly bag” is a shorter reference to different types of plastic bags, typically made from polyethylene or polypropylene.  These types of bags are used to protect newspapers from the weather elements during delivery.

Bags are typically packaged in "sleeves" of 100, with a plastic or cardboard handle fastening them together at the top.  They are normally sold by the case of 2000, with 100 bags per sleeve.  If you are a newspaper carrier, we recommend that you purchase by the case, in order to cut down on your cost per bag.

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Newspaper bundleThere are many supplies and tools that help make a newspaper carrier’s job easier and safer.  Some of these are essential, and a carrier needs to acquire them when they first start the job.  Others will make the job safer and more efficient.  These can be added as the carrier continues working their newspaper delivery job.

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Canvas newspaper carrier bags are great for helping to organize and carry large numbers of newspapers. They are great for bicycle and walking routes, and let you travel further distances without having to restock newspapers during the route.

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